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14 November - Nelson! (Private Function)

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9 January - Nelson! (Private Function)

5 February - Nelson! (Private Function)

27 February - Nelson! (Private Function)

6 March - Nelson! (Private Function)

13 March - Nelson! (Private Function)

20 March - Nelson! (Private Function)

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Candy's Corner - SIT Productions (2005/2006)

Candy became very comfortable in front of a camera while she was the presenter of a TV show from S.I.T. Productions called Candy's Corner. In each half hour show, Candy Interviewed up-and-coming Southland Artists and showcased some of their original songs. In 2006, Season 1 focused on Acoustic renditions of the Singer/Songwriter's works while Season 2, in 2007, showcased a full band per episode. Both Series 1 and 2 can still be viewed on CUETV, Sky Channel 200, or through Southern Institute of Technology's ItunesU channel.

(If your computer does not currently have iTunes and QuickTime installed you can download iTunes free from HERE)

Link to SIT Productions ItunesU
Link to CUE TV



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